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AEPS Services

AEPS stands for Aadhaar enabled payment services which can help you to deposit and withdraw money from any bank from your Aadhaar Number and fingerprint. Now, you can avail this service by choosing PayPing system which also help you to earn more money by choosing it for your customers. We are providing AEPS services with the help of our platform which makes our designated service providers able to provide complete banking support to their customers like depositing or withdrawing money and checking the bank account balance with an Aadhaar number and fingerprint only. The main advantage of choosing our platform is that you can reduce the complexity of your customers and also will help you to save their time which will be helpful for you to build your goodwill.

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What We Bring To You

You can help your customers to withdraw and deposit their money in any bank with the help of this service and can earn more goodwill in the market.

This service will help you to be unique from your competitors and will make you the ultimate choice of every related customer.

From the initial help to lifetime help, our effective customer assistance team is always ready for you.

YYou can attract more customers to your shop by providing a complete banking solution.

You can earn commission on every transaction.

You can target more potential customers of different needs.